Certified Leader Coach® is a coaching focused leadership development

program designed by executive

coaches and based on the experiences of thousands of corporate leaders to help you unlock your leadership

capabilities and professional potential

"In the face of rapid, often disruptive change, companies are realizing that mangers cannot be expected to have all the answers and that command-and-control leadership is no-longer viable. As a result, many organizations are moving toward a coaching model that facilitates problem-solving and encourages employee development by asking questions and offering support and guidance rather than giving orders and making judgments." (Adapted from Ibarra and Anne Scoular HBR Magazine article "The Leader As Coach" Nov-Dec, 2019)

The Leader as Coach approach is supported by a growing body of scientific research in the areas of Coaching Psychology, Positive Psychology and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Therefore, this program, will be presented through the lens of a scientific framework designed to promote productivity, leadership competence and overall wellbeing of the leader, employees and organization. (Dr. Mickey Parsons, 2021)

Program Snapshot

Certified Leader Coach® is for leaders, people-managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their leadership acumen with coaching skills adapted to today's fast-paced and complex work environment.

Approximate Time Commitment: 8 Weeks, 3 hours per week.

You will learn a unique combination of coaching and leadership competencies that you can easily implement at work, such as:

  • Essential coaching skills, models and competencies for workplace coaching
  • How to develop a coaching leadership style to engage, mentor, teach and influence others
  • How to delegate easily and effectively as you master your time and energy
  • How to give feedback that works
  • How to set inspiring and achievable goals
  • Plus, other practical tools and techniques to build trust, teams and navigate conflict

Program benefits include:

  • Expanding your leadership capacity by acquiring new coaching skills
  • Empowering your team, motivating them and ultimately guiding them to reach their full potential while achieving results in your organization
  • Applying coaching skills to different leadership, people management and work contexts

Module 1: The Leader As Coach Method

In this module, you will learn about the coach approach to workplace coaching, people management and leadership.

Module 2: The International Coaching Federation's (ICF) Coaching Competencies

In this module, you will learn about coaching competencies as outlined by the world's largest coaching association, The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and how you can leverage them in your own coaching and people development.

Module 3: Building Trust & Teams

In this module you will learn the art and science of connecting with others in a way that promotes healthy, productive and positive relationships.

Module 4: Time & Priority Management

In this module you will gain insights on how to master your calendar, energy and beyond as you explore ways to make time for for everything that is important to you.

Module 5: Giving Effective Feedback

In this module you will learn to give feedback across the organization in ways that produce results and increases your ability to influence others in a positive and proactive way.

Module 6: Conflict Management

In this module you will gain tools for minimizing the negative impact of conflict, while leveraging the positive aspects toward better solutions and innovation.

This course is closed for enrollment.